Friday, 13 July 2012

[Review] Amazing Alex from Rovio : More physics this time.

After the insanely successful game, Angry birds; the mobile game developing studio Rovio is back with another sensational game Amazing Alex. If it was all the bird slinging rage against the egg stealing piggies till now, Rovio is introducing us to Alex, the smart school kid.
There is nothing ground breaking in the underlying game concept as there are already some physics based games available for android. The game definitely looks childish, but if you love this genre of games, you're going to love this too. Apart from the obvious kiddish looks, the game is smooth and fluid.
The physics in the game is awesome. The game resembles angry birds in few ways like the menu layout and scoring system. This sense of familiarity will definitely win lot of customers who already love angry birds.
While the game itself is promising, Rovio leaves a lot to be desired in marketing the game. While angry birds were having over 100 levels of game I'm their free version, amazing Alex comes with as little as 16 free levels including the tutorial levels.

  • Smooth game play
  • Sense of familiarity is maintained from angry birds
  • Awesome physics


  • The free version of the app is totally limited

Score : 6.5/10

Verdict:  If you love awesome physics or was happy with angry birds and don't mind buying a paid version of the app, get amazing Alex ad free paid version here & here. If you want to try the free version before buying, get the ad supported free version here. If any of these is not making you excited, we have other many amazing apps reviewed. Read them all here.

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