Thursday, 5 July 2012

[Review] AppBrain Ad Detector

            If you're a person who prefer to use free apps instead of those paid ones, I suppose you can adjust those ads popping up here and there. But what if those ads are not just ads, but a spam? When your notification bar is completely cluttered by the ads? For the worst, if you don't know which app is constantly spamming your phone? Well this is the scenario where the need of an ad detecting app comes clear.
            Yes, there is slew of ad detecting apps out there. But well.. This is my personal favorite..Appbrain Ad Detector.
Let me tell you one thing beforehand..this is not an ad blocking service ( to keep things in perspective, you cannot block the in-app-ads unless you buy an ad free version or you use the app offline).
A simple app, an easy interface and 100% functional. The Appbrain Ad Detector will scan through all the installed apps and lists out the 'concerns' related to those apps. Concerns are nothing but the special permissions a particular app posses, that can lead to malicious activity. This will help you to identify which app is spamming your phone and you can uninstall that app. The app itself is obviously ad free, and can identify the push notifications, android ad networks, social SDKs, detect libraries etc..

  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Apps and concerns are classified in a neat & simple manner.
  • Can scan already installed apps & newly installed apps.

Score:  9/10

Verdict: An excellent good ad detecting app which will silently runs in the  background, and without taking a toll on the battery/CPU. A must have app for any android phone. Get AppBrain Ad Detector for free here.