Saturday, 16 June 2012

[Review]Earbits Radio - Know your music.

Earbits is something I first came across in chrome store and in no time I am in love with the service. Earbits radio is a personalized streaming radio with a well managed catalog and a huge database of music. A free app in android play store; the best part being with no subscription..just great music.

You may not find your daily dose of Rihana or Shakira here, but if you are a person who love to discover new artists and hear new things
..Earbits is the most wonderful app you can get. This is what they say :
" We’ve got killer artists like Weezer, Talib Kweli, KRS-One, Alkaline Trio, and double Grammy winners like Arrested Development, Dave Samuels and Mads Tolling, and a bunch of others who you may or may not have heard before. But we know you’ll love them, because we don’t approve music that sucks"
    The music is fresh, new and an exhaustive list of music genres available. Though the app is an eye candy with the HD album art spread out over 90% of your screen, I had few unpleasant experiences while using the app. First of all, the IOS style facebook page, asking you to grant permission to the app to post those music you 'like'. Secondly, the app force closes while being multi tasked.

1. Well cataloged collection of music.
2. Beautiful & minimal app interface.
3. No subscription required and ad free.
4. Hours of fresh music.

1. The start up screen is an ios themed facebook page, which maybe a turn off for some.
2. Can't survive multi tasking with heavy apps running in the background.

Score : 7.5/10

    This is my favourite online radio for the time being. If you're primarily looking for a different streaming radio service and can forgive some minor glitches in the app, you can get this beautiful app here.