Saturday, 30 June 2012

[Review] Flipboard : Flip your news

         A hugely successful app in the Apple app store, Flipboard finally made its way to android. An online magazine-cum-news aggregator, Flipboard is the best way to stay informed on your favorite topics. With content providers of around 2000 publications and people from around the world, Flipboard provides you the best and latest news. You can even bring your facebook, twitter, instagram or G+ feeds to flipboard.
         The interface is neat and beautiful, though not in accordance with the ICS, which I'm sure is going to irk at least few of the hardcore android fans. The interest areas are laid out as square tiles with an evident metro-ish touch whereas the animations like new window sliding in and sliding out from the right side if the screen gives the app an ios-feel. Apart from these, the UI is truly gorgeous and beautiful. The touches are responsive and the flip gestures to turn the pages are a joy to use.
         One of the biggest 'flip side' of the Flipboard is that, except for the high resolution images and the news title, the detailed news are not cached locally, limiting the offline usage of the app. So make sure that you have a data plan or you're within the WiFi range to enjoy the full power of Flipboard. 


  • Well polished, neat and gorgeous interface.
  • Integrated with your favorite social networking sites including Instagram.
  • A huge list of interesting areas with the latest updates.
  • Not optimized for tablets currently.
  • No offline usage for the time being.
  • The UI doesn't follow ICS guidelines.
Score : 8.5/10

Verdict: A beautiful app, which tries to bring the world news and your social life at a single point. A good friend to enjoy your coffee break. Get Flipboard for free here.


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