Thursday, 14 June 2012

[Review]QuickPic - An quick replacement for your android gallery

One of the default apps of android, since the Nexus One days that have undergone no or minimal changes is the default gallery app. Though with the advent of android ICS, the gallery app also underwent a face lift. But to those little less lucky people who were forced to stay with 2.3 or less have to still live with the laggy and not so fun looking gallery, let me introduce you to QuickPic; my favorite gallery app from my
gingerbread days to present.
               QuickPic is a really cool looking, snappy, butter smooth and does good justification to its name. More over it is available for free in the play store and is ad free. So dont worry of those annoying ads poping up while you are enjoying your favorite albums. The animations are smooth, zoom in/out is really quick, myriad of sharing options make this app a clear winner in this category.

  • Smooth animations and responsive scrolling
  • Clean and neat interface following the ICS style guidelines
  • Customizable gallery layouts
  • Quick to render the full image compared to the default gallery app
  • Ability to hide private pics
  • Free of cost and ad-free

  •  Video player is very basic
  • No syncing with Facebook or Picasa at the moment.
Score :  8/10

Verdict :     The overall experience is excellent, especially if you are coming from the default gallery app. So my first suggestion would be QuickPic if you are looking for a simple replacement for you stock gallery app.Get QuickPic for free here.